These editorial guidelines are applied to the Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo (ISBN 978-88-942416-0-0 | DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1309444) and to the journal Quaderni eretici. Studi sul dissenso politico, religioso e letterario (ISSN 2421-3012).

"Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo"

Model of an entry

The suggested model for biographical entries is the following:

Surname, name (i.e. Lupetino, Baldo)

  • Biography
  • Other not biographical elements (if it concerns)
  • Works (if it concerns)
  • Bibliography
  • Links (if it concerns)
  • Related entries (if it concerns)
  • Footnotes

The organisation of a thematical entry concerns only to the author, without any standard models.

For a couple of models of style and lenght see:

Concerning to the lenght of an entry, there are not strict limits and the extension of the entry will depend on the importance of the subject in relation to the main issues of Ereticopedia and to the available information about it.


Articles in books and academic journals

For the articles in academic journals:
Author's Name and Surname, Title, in "Journal's name", Number, (if it concerns) Issue, Year, Pages.

I.e.: Lucia Felici, Alle origini degli "Eretici italiani del Cinquecento”. Nuovi documenti del carteggio Bainton-Cantimori (1932-1940), in “Archivio storico italiano”, 163, 3, 2005, pp. 531-593.

Follow the same criteria for quoting the articles in books:

I.e.: Aldo Stella, La riforma protestante, in Storia di Venezia. Dalle origini alla caduta della Serenissima, vol. VI, Dal Rinascimento al Barocco, Roma 1994, pp. 341-363.


Author's Name Surname, Titles, Publishing House, Place, Year.

I.e.: Paolo Simoncelli, Cantimori e il libro mai edito. Il movimento nazionalsocialista dal 1919 al 1933, Le Lettere, Firenze 2008.

How to compile and send the entries

The entries can be compiled in Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer or other similar programs. The editorial committee will provide to convert the text in wikidot format by the application of a simple macro (described here).

For any questions write to gro.aidepocitere|enoizader#gro.aidepocitere|enoizader.

Wiki syntax

If you directly operate within the site, please consult the on line guide.

Journal "Quaderni eretici"

The journal Quaderni eretici | Cahiers hérétiques, part of the Ereticopedia project, publishes articles, editions and reviews.

The proposals can be edited in Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer or other similar programs (in any case we reccomend to make use of one of the latest versions of Microsoft Word).

For consulting the specific editorial guidelines CLICK HERE.

Further changes could be made by the editors of the journal.


et tamen e summo, quasi fulmen, deicit ictos
invidia inter dum contemptim in Tartara taetra
invidia quoniam ceu fulmine summa vaporant
plerumque et quae sunt aliis magis edita cumque

[Lucretius, "De rerum natura", lib. V]

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